New vinyl new arrivals & restocks! SICK STUFF! - June 26th, 2018

Adam Bartlett

A huuuuge box of great restocks has arrived. Tons of metal classic LPs and other goodies. The floor will be well-stocked for the weekend at our retail shop in Oshkosh!

Aesop Rock    Impossible Kid 2LP    $27.00
At the Gates    Slaughter of the Soul LP (color vinyl)    $21.00
Bell Witch    Mirror Reaper 2LP    $33.00
Bolt Thrower    Warmaster LP    $21.00
Bolt Thrower    The ivth crusade LP    $21.00
Bolt Thrower    Realm of Chaos LP    $21.00
Bolt Thrower    Earache Peel Sessions LP    $20.00
Bolt Thrower    Realm of Chaos LP (color vinyl)    $21.00
Carcass    Choice Cuts LP    $20.00
Carcass    Heartwork LP    $21.00
Carcass & Godflesh    Earache Peel Sessions LP    $24.00
Code Orange    Forever LP    $19.00
Colter Wall    Self-titled LP    $19.00
Cult of Luna    Self-titled LP    $24.00
Cult of Luna    The Beyond LP    $24.00
Culture Abuse    Bay Dream LP    $20.00
Dimmu Borgir    Eonion Lp (color vinyl)    $33.00
Entombed    Clandestine LP    $21.00
Entombed    Wolverine Blues LP    $21.00
Gojira    Lenfant Sauvage 2LP (color vinyl)    $23.00
Gorillaz    Self-titled 2LP    $20.00
Gorillaz    Plastic Beach LP    $17.00
Gorillaz    The Now Now LP    $17.00
Hereditary (Colin Stetson)    Soundtrack LP    $29.00
Iron Maiden    Self-titled LP    $19.00
Iron Maiden    Killers LP    $19.00
Iron Maiden    Number of the Beast LP    $19.00
Iron Maiden    Piece of Mind LP    $19.00
Kamasi Washington    Heaven and Earth 4LP    $63.00
Kings of Leon    Come Around Sundown LP    $28.00
Kraftwerk    Man Machine Music LP    $23.00
Kraftwerk    Trans Europe Express LP    $23.00
Kraftwerk    Autobahn LP    $23.00
Kraftwerk    Tour de France 2009 LP    $28.00
Lily Allen    No Shame LP    $23.00
Mazzy Star    Stil 12-inch    $14.00
Metallica    And Justice For All LP    $23.00
Metallica    Kill em All LP    $18.00
Metallica    Ride the Lightning LP    $18.00
Metallica    Master of Puppets LP    $18.00
Morbid Angel    Altars of Madness LP    $21.00
Morbid Angel    Blessed are the Sick LP    $21.00
Morbid Angel    Formulas Fatal to the Flesh LP    $22.00
Morbid Angel    Gateways to Annihilation LP    $16.00
Napalm Death    Scum LP    $21.00
Napalm Death    From Enslavement LP    $21.00
Napalm Death    Harmony Corruption LP    $21.00
Napalm Death    Utopia Banished LP    $21.00
Nine Inch Nails    Bad Witch 12-inch    $14.00
Otep    The Ascension LP (color vinyl)    $28.00
Panic at the Disco    Pray for the Wicked LP    $18.00
Princess Nokia    A Girl Cried Red 12--inch    $19.00
Princess Nokia    1992 Deluxe 2LP    $25.00
Protomartyr    Consolation EP 12-inch (color vinyl)    $14.00
Radiohead    Kid A 2LP    $22.00
Radiohead    A Moon Shaped Pool 2LP    $25.00
Radiohead    Amnesiac 2LP    $22.00
Sepultura    Arise (expanded edition) 2LP    $30.00
Snoop Dogg    Doggfather LP    $18.00
the Cure    Torn Down: Mixed up Extras 2LP    $33.00
the Cure    Mixed Up 2LP (180g)    $33.00
Turnstile    Time & Space LP    $24.00
Yob    Our Raw Heart 2LP    $25.00
Zeal and Ardor    Stranger Fruit 180g 2LP (DELUXE EDITION W/COLOR VINYL)    $33.00
Zeal and Ardor    Stranger Fruit 180g 2LP    $22.00

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