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About us

Changes can sometimes be difficult to make. Even if they are entirely necessary and required, there is always the lurking doubt. A need for change is what brought Eroding Winds into existence.

In April, 2015 I quit my day job to focus on activities related to my record label, Gilead Media. A large part of this shift was actually to focus on developing a new online store, independent from Gilead Media, that will stand as its own entity and gradually expand into a full-scale shop. A store that will still primarily carry vinyl & metal, and still feature a curated collection, but on a larger scale.

Well, that time has come. The site is going to be called Eroding Winds and on Saturday, April 18th, 2015, the store launched. In the beginning, Eroding Winds had a very similar selection as the distro formally operated by Gilead Media, but grew quickly into something much bigger than the Gilead Media distro ever was. Although the focus still remains upon carrying excellent black metal, doom metal, sludge, drone, ambient, experimental and other forms of metal and related genres.

Eroding Winds is also the official source for direct mail-order of all Gilead Media releases.

Gilead Media Will Continue To Operate As It Has, Releasing Tons Of Excellent Records.

Endless thanks for all of your support that has allowed for this exciting change to take place. We couldn’t do this without every person that’s every purchased a record from Gilead Media over the last decade. We're beyond stoked that this is how we begin the next decade.